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DECEMBER 2020 – Season’s Greetings to our Third Age subscribers and friends!  The year 2020 has been a time to remember… a year in which many activities have been put on hold.  The Third Age Executive Committee is hopeful that 2021 will be “year of the vaccine”, so we can see an eventual return to our community presentations that people have been enjoying so much.  We are still very much present, and hoping to once again set up some interesting topics and speakers.

SURVEY RESULTS (January 2021) Because we have no idea when “normalcy” will return, In December 2020 we asked for your input about the possibility of running some online “Zoom” presentations. We appreciated the input as to what you are interested in learning about. This information will help us move forward.

To see the results of the survey, please click on the link below:

As a subscriber, you will always be one of the first to find out what the plans are for upcoming lectures. We always like to hear from our subscribers – so please feel free to contact the Third Age Nipissing Executive through the e-mail address listed below.

We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!  We hope that 2021 will be a much calmer year for all of us, and a time for families and friends to reunite.

Sue Priebe and Sue Rhoads
Co-Chairs, Third Age Nipissing

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What is “Third Age Learning?”

First of all, what is the third age?  The first age is childhood; the second age is the time to earn a living and raise a family; the third age has been described as that time of life when men and women enjoy total independence.

Lifelong learning is  an important part of healthy aging. It keeps your mind active and your brain engaged. Older adults report experiencing increased life satisfaction, enjoyment and self-confidence through learning.

Research has identified key motivational benefits of why third age learners are involved in continued learning which include: aging well, social networking, promoting healthy brain function.

The Third Age Learning Movement was established in France in 1973. It rapidly spread through Europe and the United Kingdom and first arrived in Canada, (Sherbrooke Quebec) in 1975. Worldwide, there are now many organizations offering third age learning opportunities through universities, community organizations, and independent groups like ours. There are now over 50 such learning groups in Canada with Third Age Nipissing being among one of the newer ones.

Third Age Nipissing  Lifelong Learning Group

The new Third Age Nipissing Group (short form: 3ANip) formed in the fall of 2017.  The mission of the group is to develop and present Third Age Learning experiences to those in the North Bay area.  The objectives we wish to achieve include:

  • to present a series of stimulating and enlightening presentations designed to appeal to a broad range of interest.
  • to provide opportunities for this cohort to take part in lifelong learning activities for pleasure and personal fulfillment at a low cost.
  • to create a community of people who come together to learn.

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