About Us


Third Age Nipissing  is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing intellectually stimulating lectures for mature learners living in North Bay and neighboring communities. Funding from community partners is being solicited in order to provide informative courses with credible presenters.  Through registration fees, our goal is to be self-funded by the end of the first year of operation.

Who We Are

Currently we are a group of ten volunteers with diverse educational backgrounds, who are motivated to establish lifelong learning opportunities in the North Bay and surrounding area.  We hope to provide a means for activating the brain, increased socialization with like-minded peers, and overall life enrichment.

Executive Committee  Members 2022

  • Co-Chairs: Sue Rhoads & Sue Priebe
  • Secretary: Joan Hambley
  • Contact/Membership: Anne Delaney
  • Communications: Renata Wachowiak-Smolikova
  • Treasurer: Anne Delaney
  • Webmaster: Derek Stott
  • Members at large: Doug Bolger,  Stephanie Roy, Toni Beninger, Mary-Lynne Santary
    Past Chair Doug Bolger with the two current Third Age Nipissing Co Chairs: Sue Priebe (left) and Sue Rhoads


Mayor and group jan 2017
Some members of The Third Age Nipissing Executive recently met with North Bay’s Mayor to introduce the 3ANip lifelong learning initiative. (l-r) Mayor Al McDonald, and 3ANip Executive members Joan Hambley, Stephanie Roy, Renata Wachowiak-Smolikova, and Chair Doug Bolger (photo courtesy North Bay Mayor’s Office)