Spring Lecture Series 2022

Lights, Camera,

Find out more about the growing film industry and what goes on behind the scenes  in the making of a movie.

Date/ timePresenterTopic
Thurs., May 12
1:30 – 3 pm
Derek Diorio
writer, producer, director
Are We Really Hollywood North?
Lecture #2
Thurs., May 19
1:30 – 3 pm
Reinalie Jorolan
location scout and manager
Behind the Camera:
“The Inner Workings
 of Film Magic”  
Lecture #3
Thurs., May 26,
1:30 – 3 pm
Chris Kosloski
media Artist. filmmaker
Everyone Loves a Good Movie!

all lectures at the Davedi Club
313 Airport Rd., North Bay

1:30 pm until 3 pm

Cost per lecture:
Ten Dollars ($10) at the door
(cash only, please!)

Lecture #1 – Thursday, May 12, 2022 – 1:30 pm

Are we really Hollywood North?

Presenter: Derek Diorio – writer, producer, director

The last 7 years has seen film and television crews invade the streets of North Bay. From small independent films, to major television series, North Bay seems to be a hotbed of cinematic production. Join writer/director/producer Derek Diorio as he guides you through the facts of the fiction of the film business in Northern Ontario and explains why there are so many cameras rolling in the streets of our town.

Derek Diorio

Derek Diorio has written, produced and directed hundreds of hours of dramatic, animated, documentary and live-action television programming and feature films starring the likes of Ernest Borgnine, Eli Wallach, Graham Greene, Michael Moriarty and Terri Garr. From 2012 to 2018 he co-created and co-wrote four seasons of the critically acclaimed drama series Hard Rock Medical.
His work as a writer has earned him many international awards, including a Cable Ace Award in the U.S., a Banff Television Festival Award and three Gemini nominations in Canada. He moved his family and production company to North Bay in 2018 and is an active Producer promoting Northern crews and talent.

Lecture #2 – Thursday, May 19, 2022 – 1:30 pm

Behind the Camera: “The Inner Workings
 of Film Magic” 

Presenter: Reinalie Jorolan – location scout and manager

The Film Industry is like the new kid on North Bay’s economic block. Its presence in our community drives the increase of local employment rate, tourism footprint, and road closures-unfortunately. Lately, we see films and curated experiences of our local sceneries, with lovers and families transforming before our eyes. Within an hour or so, Reinalie will help you focus your curiosity lenses on the inner workings of filming behind the camera, up to the point when “film magic” takes center stage.

Reinalie Jorolan

Reinalie Jorolan is a location scout and manager of several films in the North Bay and Sudbury areas. Her academic background includes teaching, non-profit management, public speaking, and financial literacy coaching.

Reinalie will speak about the extensive ways the film crews, producers, and directors try to stitch and stretch the imagination behind the camera, to bring out a sparkle of magic in the audience. She will also share samples of the tools which help make a filming location a successfully fluid, safe, and sustainable as a workplace.

As a location manager, Reinalie attributes her film survival to her strong work ethic, experiences as a visual and literary artist, and sometimes, to her guts, prayers, and God’s glory. Luckily, Reinalie lived to tell her side of the story about what it takes to have movies worthy of your generous rotten tomatoes rating.

Lecture #3 – Thursday, May 26, 2022 – 1:30 pm

Everyone Loves a Good Movie!

Presenter: Chris Kosloski – media artist, filmmaker, college professor

Everyone loves a good movie. But have you ever wondered how they are made? Join us to learn more about the film industry and the jobs it supports. Hear from Chris, his fellow faculty members and even a few students on the state of the film industry. From the local scene to Hollywood, what can our graduates expect to find on set today and what can we all expect to see on our screens in the future? Find out how you might get involved too!

Chris Kosloski

Chris Kosloski is a media artist, filmmaker and college professor. A graduate of the Confederation College film program in Thunder Bay, Ontario (1996), he has worked in the film industry for over 12 years as a technician and editor and is now a full-time professor of Digital Cinematography at Canadore College in North Bay. Chris has exhibited many media art projects including, “Embodied Terrains,” a collaboration with visual artist and sculptor Andrew Ackerman for the 2018 Ice Follies exhibit in North Bay — a biennial festival of contemporary and community art on lake Nipissing. Chris is also an accomplished documentary cinematographer, whose most recent film, made with Director and partner Kirsten Kosloski, “Five Bucks at the Door” (2019) played in films festivals from North Bay to Austin, Texas. As a film professor, Chris has seen hundreds of students graduate from novice to expert and find employment around the world.

Internet Movie Database- Chris Kosloski

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